A few fixes, possible improvements and a new iso image

I always knew updating to latest archiso would cause issues. Basically archiso creates archlinux live media and as it does installation using a network connection it has no need on kernel image, microcode or initramfs. So during creation of iso it removes all of them, this causes a problem with ArchBang as you need kernel to create an initramfs image.

It is an easy fix as I just ‘#’ [comment] out that line of code in mkarchiso and everything is fine, or is it? Kernel image is then missing and again ArchBang installer fails. So now remove only the initramfs from /boot and rest can stay and be part of a normal installation.

Other thing I noticed was that archiso uses ‘xz’ compression on initramfs, this is interesting as image size is reduced taking up less space on iso which is a good thing. As a user you may need to change compression type to default ‘zstd’ to get better/faster performance during boot but I will look at that in upcoming releases. For now I am interested in getting abinstall working again!

Did notice that during my install tests ‘en_GB’ is still present so I have fixed that.

Will test new iso image just to make sure everything is ok before I upload it. Have real world stuff to sort today 😉

As always I do drink lots of coffee and always welcome feedback.

Thinking of doing a guide for creating your own ArchBang version if anyone is interested, know a lot of users want to add things or run a different window manager.

Enjoy your weekend.

Stay safe….