Quick iso update

Another week, a new kernel release so am building and uploading a new iso image.

Been looking again at wayland window managers, sway would be a drop in replacement for i3 then I came started reading abut something else. Hyprland is a very feature rich candy filling dynamic tiling window manager. Personally there is way more gui candy than I would like or need or ever use but that said it does have some really cool features.

Have it loaded on my laptop and am setting it up at the moment, waybar needs fixing and I want to figure out things like wallpaper, configuration etc. Unsure about applications that will work with it, I prefer to use lxterminal but Hyprland uses things like foot as its terminal.

Other news, runit in Archlinux is still bugging me. Can run runit via busybox under systemd without a problem, getting a full runit init system might be more of a challenge. Systemd has control over pretty much all of Archlinux and removing or avoiding it is going to be very difficult. That is not going to stop me trying, am interested to see if Wayland will run under it where Xorg failed. There is a work around to get Xorg working [as root] but I never got much further. You still need to use systemd udev & dbus unless you rebuild. Forgive me as it has been a while since I have tried or run runit under Archlinux. Took the easy option and just used Voidlinux.

Do not see ArchBang or Project Vole running runit in the very near future, might do a tutorial for anyone who wants to follow my steps or can see what I am doing wrong. Just me messing with stuff as I usually like to do.

Anyway enjoy the rest of the weekend

Stay safe 😉