My thoughts on systemd free ArchBang….

Have been asked about a systemd free version of ArchBang. There is a version of sorts albeit based on Void linux called Project Vole. It uses runit as its init system and is systemd free. As for an arch based iso I have two options, Artix or Obarun. Artix is Archlinux systemd free project and would be my first choice if I was to base ArchBang on it. Obarun I have heard of but uses s6 init system to which if I am honest know very little about it.

Both have there own live isos with a variety of desktop/window manager options, so feel it would be like reinventing the wheel. Have of course tried to provide systemd free versions of ArchBang in the past with very little success. As from a previous post I was messing around with runit guide in Arch wiki. It still uses systemd as init but allows you run and manage services from busybox runit. It works [until I broke it!] think I tried to run runit verion of dbus and system was not happy about it. Anyway am not giving up on the idea, but I do think it would be of little interest to many users out there.

I leave systemd free options to the experts at Artix and Obarun 😉

Uploading a new image that includes pipewire-pulse package, pavucontrol works now as well as sound in Firefox. Please forgive me for this slight over-sight I am new to whole pipewire sound thing so I am learning slowly.

Sorry about all the ads, it is a passive way for everyone to help without reaching in your pocket. Thanks for all the coffees and donations it all helps.

Stay safe….