ArchBang Spring now available for testing….

Am building and will soon upload new Spring iso image for testing. It is marked as an ‘rc’ release would welcome some feedback if there are any issues. No major changes, new wallpaper, themes and added in i3-gaps settings. Also shipping with 6.2.8 kernel.

To changes gaps between containers/windows use Super + [Shift] + [plus/minus], not too sure yet if commands are setup correctly. If you have one window on a workspace you should have no gap around it, this I do need to test/check. Default gap is set to 3 pixels. Anyway try it out tell me what you think.

Will have to look at updating archiso in April to see how much it breaks builds but I will that once I know everything is ok in ‘rc’ version. Will leave last weeks iso image on Sourceforge just in case.

Was asked in the week if I would do an awesome window manager version. Do not have a problem in creating one but could see from arch wiki it does take a lot of setting up. Once ArchBang is installed you can run what you like. As I am the only one who works on ArchBang it would create quite a bit of work to keep multiple versions up to date so I personally do not see the need. If someone wants to have packages added to iso image for some reason then I do not mind adding them if it helps.

Anyway enjoy Spring release, let me know what you think. If you like it then please think about buying me a coffee or donating a few bucks to the project.

Stay safe….