Started work on Spring release….

Finally after the long dark nights, spring is around the corner. Am putting together a new release for the end of week/month. No major changes but new wallpaper, theme colours and window gaps.

Have added a few pixel gaps to config which can be controlled via Super+[Shift]+[plus/minus] this will allow you to increase, decrease size of gaps between windows and screen edge. With only one window/container on a workspace it will [or should!] default to no gaps.

Something to try is open two terminals, then hit Super+v and open a third terminal. You can move these around in a number of ways. Try using Super + cursor keys on an active window or use mouse left key with Super.

Check out donations page if you want to help out, get an early release image or contact if you wish to see something added to image.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Stay safe…