What a week…

So my car is broke again, lost $60 on Ebay and my blood pressure is a little high. It is not going to stop me starting on Spring release. So this will be last winter iso image, next week I will see if I can get an ‘rc’ release out there.

Will have to forgive me as regards to wallpaper may reuse an old photo from a few years ago and work a theme around it. No logo this time I will keep it for source forge to keep the Arch linux lawyers happy.

Learnt two things this week, i3-gaps is not part of i3 so I could add some keyboard commands for it rather than using picom. Thinking of use plus and minus to control gaps, not going to get into smart-gaps other than if a workspace has one window it seem pointless not to have it fullscreen.

Other thing was Network Manager no longer comes with WEP support, arch builds wpa_supplicant without it. This caused quite an issue while trying to figure out why a user could not connect to wifi using network manager. Found a WEP version of wpa_supplicant in AUR which I built for them to get a working network connection.

Right image has built uploading it now.

Large donations always welcome, or a coffee if you prefer 😉

Stay safe….