Device not found…..

Had a very interesting email in the week from someone that wants to install ArchBang on an Intel Compute stick. Did not think about it at first but I remembered that I had tried to install arch on one in 2019. Anyway long story short the main issue was that installer could not see the Computes internal drive. Figured it was a case of mounting partitions and just running second option in installer, but that just did not work. After thinking about how abinstall works it came to me that abinstall only sees ssd,nvme and virtual drives so it was just a question of adding mmc to known device list. Added to latest iso image for testing.

This might allow ArchBang to be installed on a whole host of devices that use emmc storage, or even sdcards. Would be interested to know if this of any use to anyone who uses or wises to run ArchBang.

This is why feedback and coffee is important to me.

Big shout out to Steve for getting in touch and for the donation, it all helps keeps the lights on at ArchBang command center.

Stay safe 😉