Not a Black Metal fan then read on….

I had an email in the week regarding changing ArchBang background. I know how i3 works and never thought that someone else possibly new to i3 or even linux would know how to change it. To that end I have updated Guide with some information but thought I would go over it here in this post just in case.

Open a terminal and open i3 config:

nano ~/.config/i3/config

Look for the line:

exec $ei feh --bg-scale ~/Backgrounds/archbang.jpg

Now either change archbang.jpg to the new wallpaper name, or change path if you have wallpaper in a another folder.

Save file, done!

If you wish to use a gui wallpaper manager such as Nitrogen, install via pacman then change that line to suit.

Just found out I have been using Archlinux for twenty years now. Not sure how long I have been part of ArchBang as I used to help out [hinder more likely] when I first came across it. ArchBang is not part of any list of Archlinux based isos as likes of EndeavourOS and Archlabs are leading the way in terms of ease of setup and use. Like to think that ArchBang was one of the first arch based isos that was very easy to use and install from.

Looking back at my first posts on Archlinux forums can see I was a total newbie [how I dislike the term]. We all have to start somewhere and from it we learn. I am still learning even today and it will never stop. I respect Matt [from ArchLabs] and Joe [EndeavourOS a linux god!] for keeping me level headed and at times blind drunk.. \m/

Uploading new iso image with 6.2 kernel, picom is enabled by default still unsure if it is of any real use but would be interested in feedback.

Right Coffee time….

Stay safe.