Quick Project Vole Iso update

So have uploaded a new Project Vole iso image. Basically fixed installer issue, edit conky and i3 config installed. Slight theme update as well as updated packages.

Will make more changes to installer once I am happy it works ok. If you make any changes live for example adding wifi connection, extra applications or even config changes they will be copy over to new installation. In that sense it works very like ArchBang install.

Do need to look at package selection as main players are there but some smaller applications may be missing.

Project Vole is currently being developed on my old Toshiba laptop. It is not as fast as my desktop system but I am thinking about dual booting Void on it.

Think if Vole takes off I will either blog on sourceforge or setup a simple website for it. Users are coming here for ArchBang updates not Vole ones. For now I am testing the water to see if anyone is interested in it.

Please feel to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions, feedback is always welcome.

Stay safe….