Project Vole and can you install it? [Possible feature!]

Simple answer is yes. If you select ‘local’ from selection of source then you are good to go. One thing will catch you is that vlive user is still present as autologin in agetty-tty1 conf file.

This means you get a error on first boot. To fix remain calm and hit Ctrl+Alt+F2 this brings in into a new tty login. Enter your username and password then edit this following:

sudo nano /etc/sv/agetty-tty1/conf

Remove the -a vlive from GETTY_ARGS line, save file and I would suggest rebooting.

You should be greeted with login and from there enter username, password and then if you need to type startx.

Might look at adding a login manager or see if I can modify installer to fix this.

Vole is still very much at ‘rc’ stage and I do need to look at, fix or make changes to image so that I am happy…

Downloads of image are triple of old vole version in a couple of days so fingers crossed I can give project the green light 😉

Stay safe…