Project Vole news and an Iso Update

Am currently building and will be uploading a new ArchBang iso image very soon. Latest kernel and updated packages. With March fast approaching I will need to start work on Spring release. Might ship with a different browser or editor who knows. Going to look at updating Archiso too some minor changes upstream but nothing major that will affect iso at the moment.

Project_Vole Void based iso was updated in the week to fix a small installer issue. Looking at downloads I really do not think anyone is that interested in it. Void linux already has ready made images and you can get more up to date ones from void builds [unofficial]. Kind of a shame as I find using Void Linux very like Arch used to be. It is as fast, easy and very light to run. Even managed to get Microsoft Edge running under it via .deb package. Void is running on my laptop which dual boots Arch, will be removing Arch from it very soon.

Just looked at ArchBang downloads this week, over a 1200 amazing. If I was getting a dollar a download I could work on ArchBang full time 😉

Please think about buying me a coffee, a small donation am running out of biscuits ….

Stay safe.