Iso update and other news…

Currently building an updated iso image which I will upload very soon.

Was concerned about carrying on with Project Vole after hearing about Void Builds. A site that has pre made iso void based images of various desktops including i3.

Will build and upload a ‘rc’ version of Project_Vole before I make a decision on its future. Have added exitmenu, some alias commands for xbps and installer keybind. Feedback is always welcome, looking at downloads of last release it is double the week before at 15 😉

Did look at vpm which is a wrapper for xbps. It is a bash script that gives a more pacman like feeling to package manager. It could be added to Project_Vole to make it easier for new users to get used too xbps. I have had some feedback that some users are interested in Vole, would think about having a simple site setup if things take off.

Will upload source files at some point (need to clean them up a bit first). The void builds scripts do all the heavy lifting and are far easier to work with than Archiso.
Basically I have created a wrapper for mklive script added in an overlay directory and package list. So anyone wanting to build there own version it would be a quite a simple task.

Right less typing, better get Vole built and uploaded…

As always feel free to contact me.

EDIT Am updating iso image noticed a small error in .bashrc, also trying to change host name.

Stay safe