Quick update and a small request….

Am running late with my normal weekend post. Was away visiting family long story short the place I had booked for a couple of nights turned out to be a nightmare so heading home early.

Anyway uploaded a new iso image a few days ago, updated packages and kernel. Still working on Project_Vole which is more about learning Void linux and reducing iso image size. Without a browser and st terminal I can get image down to around 880Mbs. Still a lot considering you get a basic window manager and a terminal. Might go and remove window manager next see what that does to iso size.

I have a small request if you wish to buy me a coffee or donate a dollar, check out donations page. Might set up a patreon page in the near future if only for a one off donation. Do not expect anyone to pay tens of dollars a month but spread over the millions of ArchBang users [I wish!] development might increase to two uploads a week.

Thanks as always for your support.

Stay safe….