Updated Iso and Future Plans

Have just uploaded a new iso image, updated packages and kernel.

Very undecided about what direction Project Vole should go. Very tempted to do an ArchBang like iso but several things are bothering me. One is the fact Void Linux already has an Xfce4 version so am I just reinventing the wheel. Could of course not only do an X86_64 version but also an i686 version which I get asked for quite often.

Last time I created a Void based iso (VoidBang) got into quite a bit of trouble with lead developer. Once I was told of my wrong doing I removed image, links source everything. I was not as experienced as I am now. At the time I was only testing the water as many Arch users do not really like systemd at all. Void has come a long way in the past few years. Installation was very easy and package manager which seems odd at first [to an Arch user] is very pacman like. Been using it on my laptop for nearly a month now and must say that I do not see any difference in performance. Was never a fan of Arch switching to systemd as it removed some element of choice. Sure most mainstream distros use it now. Reading the other about BlendOS which is Arch based but can run Fedora and Ubuntu package managers.

Would I switch ArchBang to a Void Linux base? Sure if I had some real feedback from you guys out there.

Personally run Void as a daily driver? Kind of doing that already, certainly on my old laptop. Other than browsing and trying to break system it is distro neutral.

Right some good news hosting is paid for another year, so now looking at 2024…. Hit that buy me a coffee link!

As always I welcome comments, suggestions and feedback. Support issues are something else I will always try to give help but most of the time google (or I should Ecosia) is your friend.

Stay safe 😉