Project Vole lives again….

Am building an updated ArchBang iso and will upload it very soon. New kernel and refreshed packages.

This week I have been trying to build an iso using Void Linux. Have found the iso creation scripts so very well written and easy to use. Once I had figured out how they worked I started to create an image based on ArchBang. The stock Void linux iso running Xfce4 is fine but I wanted to try to build something a little lighter. Having said that test images are still running around 1Gb. There is little point in reinventing the wheel as Void already has ready to run images available. If you want to try out a distro that is systemd free then it certainly worth a look. Project Vole will be based on Void and hope to get a beta version uploaded soon.

Link to Project_Vole

Enjoy the weekend.

EDIT Have updated iso image to latest kernel ….

Stay safe….