Quick iso update…

Have built and uploaded a fresh iso image today, mostly updated packages and some minor changes under the hood. Next week I will do a full release once happy everything is working ok.

Had an email from a user wishing to install ArchBang32 from a hard drive iso image, now I like a challenge so started to try to get it to work. First thing was to add a menu entry to grub to allow it to loop mount iso image from hard drive. Basically iso image was in /boot/iso, grub looks there once you select from boot menu. Once image boots you have a fully working live iso from hard drive. Now next problem was to install ArchBang to the same drive. For this to work you of course need another partition on drive. This may be an issue if a spare partition is not present as drive is mounted read only. Am thinking you could switch it to read/write but this is something I have not tried so went with free partition instead.

Installation was then done to spare partition and I skipped bootloader as I wanted to make sure system still booted. So rebooted into installed OS [Lubuntu] updated grub and rebooted again. Selected Arch from menu and then logged into a working ArchBang install. From there it was just a question of creating pacman keys and updating system. As iso image is just over a month old it was quite a large update. Do have an issue with Conky but am looking to get a fix for that. Then went ahead and replace Netsurf with Firefox, loaded Vim. Might switch to using i3 in the near future. If I get Conky working then I may update iso image on Source Forge, have so little interest in 32bit version still wondering if it worth keeping.

Stay safe 😉