Alternative to Super….

Well I have just uploaded Autumn Beta iso for testing 😉

I still need to test installer and just make sure I have got everything working at it should.

Had a very interesting email from a user who does not have Super [Windows] key on their keyboard. Had never thought about it as in Openbox you could still open applications simply via menu or launchers. You can change Super to Alt key although not difficult someone will not want to make change every time they run live iso. So I have added a small script to allow a user to switch to using Alt key as a modifier simply by using Alt+m. This will change i3 config to use Alt, modify Conky display and reload i3 config. Did think about have it toggle but just did not see the point if you need to switch why go back? Post install I will remove script as once you change it should be reflected in new install [need to just check that!]

Really hope this will be a useful addition to ArchBang, although a small change might make a big difference to some.

Stay safe…..