Autumn is on its way…..

Change of season so I need to start work on Autumn release.

Just uploaded last summer iso image, mostly package updates and latest kernel.

I do not visit forums very often now, find them dark places of opinions and useless rants. I just want to search and find the information I need, if I cannot find or am unsure I will ask and 99% of the time someone will say answer and that is the end of it. Arch wiki is an amazing resource and I still have a keyword shortcut in Firefox to search it when I need to find something.

Another thing I have started using is with a simple alias I can get output of man pages for a given command in short hand.

As an example:

cs echo # cs is my alias tag and then add command I am looking for syntax on....
# echo
# Print given arguments.
# More information: .

# Print a text message. Note: quotes are optional:
echo "Hello World"

# Print a message with environment variables:
echo "My path is $PATH"

# Print a message without the trailing newline:
echo -n "Hello World"

# Append a message to the file:
echo "Hello World" >> file.txt

# Enable interpretation of backslash escapes (special characters):
echo -e "Column 1\tColumn 2"

Never be afraid to ask questions, only way you get answers. May not be the answer you are looking for or answer may just point you elsewhere. If it is related to Nvidia, good luck!!

If you have to use forums, be polite, give as much information as you can or ask what is required.

Stay safe 😉