Changes to iso…

I made some changes to iso that some users may be interested in. Fixed pacman-key issue, basically I had not added archlinux-keyring package to package list. This means that once servers are set and you have a working network connection you can install packages via pacman.

After many years of shipping ArchBang with pcmanfm it is now replaced with Thunar. Have avoided Xfce4 elements for quite sometime but I think they will start to creep in to replace aging applications. You should now have a working trash can in Thunar as well as some automounting functions. [Thanks to chroot over on ArchLabs for the help with that]

Also fixed keyboard layout issue. Made changes to i3 config to allow me to switch layouts more for testing but forgot to update abinstall. Should be working fine now. I may remove the switching layouts function as it is just as easy to edit and log out. Makes me wonder why global setting does not work?

Some users wish to see Openbox return to ArchBang and I have no problem in creating an iso, maybe in the Autumn [which is coming up fast!].

Do need to bring Archiso up to date figure a way of not breaking builds with every minor change upstream.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…

Stay safe 😉