Where did I put my keys?

Well I am back with a new iso this week. Had a short break kind of vacation if you will. Am away the week after next house sitting for some good friends. Will try to update Friday next week if I can.

Had an interesting email from a user in the week with some requests possible issues. One of which was that keyboard layout was not set post install, very easy fix just edit i3s config file in ~/.config/i3/config. ArchBang comes with Pcmanfm (has so for many years)it is a more graphical way for a user to view files locally. Automounting or viewing some local devices does not seem to work that well as a regular user, so I guess I need to look at this issue in the near future.

Something more important that I really should have noticed was changes to pacman-key. I do watch archiso development and try to keep up with changes as best I can. However I did miss the change that meant pacman-key uses the following syntax :

sudo pacman-key --populate # arch has removed the need for 'archlinux'

This happened nearly a year ago [ Ouch! ]…

EDIT Also seems I had not got archlinux-keyring package installed so installing packages live was to say the least more complicated.

As a way of saying sorry this iso now ships with Thunar file manager, at least devices should show up. Mounting them is a another story. It may mean I have to add udiskie [ only it drags in python along with quite a few other things]. Of course post install you could easily install what you need to get you up and running. Keep you posted if I can find a solution to this issue.

Stay safe 😉