Time off….

Am updating iso early this week as I am away for a few days. No real major changes just updated packages, kernel etc..

EDIT I have reuploaded iso to fix Network Manager issue, seems that iwd backend was not working….

Been running ArchLabs version of Sway on an old laptop and am quite impressed. Can only describe it as i3 under Gnome, lots of eye candy and menu, configs and general settings. All to make life far easier for people who not like living in a terminal.

In real world news I am running out of mobile phone data in a matter of days. Used nearly 10 gigs in around two weeks. Wifi in my home is not the best and using one of those repeater things does not always help. So at times I use my phone as a hotspot to the TV to watch Netflix 😉

So thought go looking for more data and I came across a deal for unlimited data for £16 a month yay! To be perfectly honest I hardly ever call anyone or text, use online services such as signal, telegram and alike.

Enjoy the weather and stay safe…