Keyboard Layout Live….

Am updating iso as I type. New kernel updated packages etc.

Have made a change to keyboard layout live, it is now set to US and timezone is back to the original Canada/Montreal. Only reason I changed it was because testing iso images meant I had to change layout for me to be able to type!… Hope this makes null happy 😉

Found a option online where I can set keyboard layout and then switch it using Alt+Shift, very nice….

Not everyone is happy about the switch to Openbox so if I get some massive donations before Autumn then I will add an Openbox version or both or something. Maybe both i3 ad Openbox as I could simply a boot option for i3.

Does anyone out there use the run from ram in boot menu?

Got some really hot weather in the UK at the moment so drink plenty of water and stay out of the full sun.

Stay safe everyone and Joe…