Little changes in ArchBang image

Well have been working in my new job for three months now and then out of the blue my boss decides he has had enough. Considering I took the role as I got on with him put me me in a bit of a dilemma. First thought was to go for his job (though more money it was much more stress hence why he was leaving), take on more hours for same money (nah!) or look for something else. I went for another job which was more hours and a bit more money and nearer. Had an interview on Tuesday and was offered job later that day.

Am looking forward to a new challenge but sad that I felt I had to leave a job I was quite happy with.

Moral is plenty of work out there, if you are not happy where you are move!!

This weeks iso release will have some little changes. Removed Pragha media player as I felt it is not really needed live and can easily be installed if needed.

Let go floating!

To make a window float in i3 use Super + Shift + Space. To resize window I always found stock config option is complicated and I did remove it for beta, added it back in for upcoming releases. Use Super + r then the word resize will appear in status bar, use cursor keys to resize then hit either Escape or Return when done. You can of course set certain applications or option windows to be floating directly from i3 config [ Will add a link to i3 documentation on Links page].

Most screenshot threads that show tiling window managers tend to have a floating window simply to show off a wallpaper or cool conky setup.

And before I forget added in a terminal application called ‘duf’ a much more attractive version of du… thanks Joe 😉

Someone buy me coffee please!

As always stay safe…