32Bit version [Update]

I dropped 32Bit version of ArchBang as I had little or no interest in it. Suddenly a few users have been in touch looking for iso image. Do not keep old versions simple as Arch updates so often (well it is a rolling release after all) they become out of date very quickly. Do how ever keep source files, did think for a minute I had not kept 32bit version but seem to have done so over on GitLab.

Would take me a while to get something together but I could create a 32bit version if needed.

In other news, new iso image is uploaded. Cleaned out of base packages I had in older versions and seemed to have reduced iso image size. More likely something will be missing but please contact me if I have dropped an application that you need.

Finally I may soon be able to claim money from adsense, once done I will remove ads from site [Yay!]

As always stay safe….

Just noticed kernel update, am rebuilding and uploading now