A few minor updates

Am building this weeks iso at the moment. Have a few minor changes. Scripts folder is now called AB_Scripts, all the scripts used in ArchBang are here. You can either run them from a key bind or via terminal simply by using script name. Reworked abserver script more to reduce lines and improve logic. You will find a rofi-wifi-menu script that I am currently testing. Am thinking of dropping network manager and using iwd for wireless connections. Only issue is figuring out how to handle wired connections. Something is quite easy live as archiso handles it by using a udev rule. Installed might be a different issue. Might look at systemd-networkd.

Something I am going to remove is i3 resize key bind, personally never use it and it can be done with mouse. As we have an exitmenu there is little need for Super+Shift+e for logging out of i3. Will at some point clean up config and maybe add more comments.

Right back to building iso.

Stay safe.