Openbox menu or open rofi?

Trying to think of a way to make it easier for a user to view and change settings (Openbox,Pacman etc). Have config_edit script setup to open rofi and give a user a selection of options. This is fine but was thinking of adding to Openbox menu to make things even easier. Also the current list in config_edit is messy and a little confusing.

Options menu will include:

Openbox — menu.xml — rc.xml — autostart — reload configuration (after changes to openbox configs)

Pacman — servers — pacman.conf — pacman-keys

Can of course can add others if needed.

Will look at adding Options menu for next ‘rc’ release see how that goes. Do know that some users are confused by having to set up servers before running pacman. This of course could be done automatically but it assumes you have a working internet connection. Try to avoid hidden scripts and services that do not need to be running constantly in the background.

Will keep you posted, stay safe 😉