New feature.. Settings in Openbox Menu

This weeks iso update includes a new Openbox menu option, called Settings. I have put in two sub menus one for Openbox configuration and one for Pacman to set up servers. They allow you to edit menu.xml (Openbox main menu), rc.xml (Openbox configuration file) and autostart (as name suggests it is where applications are started at login). Also you will see a Reload option it is for updating Openbox after any changes are made to menu/rc.xml files.

Do not worry if you mess up these files they are present in there default form in /etc/skel/.config. You can of course change quite a few settings in Openbox via Openbox Configuration Manager GUI.

Pacman submenu has Servers option to set up your nearest pacman mirrors, something that you need to do if you want pacman to work live. May add other options such as edit of pacman.conf and pacman keys. Am wary of doing so as these are system files, so any mistakes will stop pacman from working correctly. No I am not going to make a gui pacman!. System update from Openbox menu?

Uploading new image now.

Stay safe 😉