Late but iso is on its way….

Have been visiting family over weekend so iso is a little later than normal, fear not am building image as I type. Still amazed at number of downloads per week ArchBang is still getting, brings me on to an idea I need to share with you all. ArchBang will remain free to anyone that will never change, my hope is to develop project more, new features, updates and generally get things more professional.

My goal is to ask for one dollar a download, just one dollar no more or less that is all I ask for anyone to try out use share and install. I need to cover hardware and hosting costs something using ads alone will not do. Provided I get a buck per download I can remove google ads completely. Money would be used to bring my hardware up to date (currently my cpu is ten years old!), allow me to work on iso more and help other open source projects.

Have always been transparent about donations I get, the last two years I have not really had much and I am fully aware of why. Cost of living in UK has increased, fuel is very expensive and my new job salary barely covers my day to day needs.

Right iso image is built and now uploading.

Stay safe 😉