Live, from Ram, Persistence?

A question I get asked often is can ArchBang run from ram or with persistence from usb. The answer is yes to a degree it can, live!

Running live via usb is never going to be as fast as installed, either to usb drive or in a system [disk/ssd]. Persistence was a way for CD users [remember those!] to save any config, file changes between booting. Some used a formatted file on a target drive. Again not a real issue but we are still running live.

May I suggest installing ArchBang to a usb drive and running from that, certainly possible. You would then have a system that will boot on a given system [efi or bios] that is portable. Any changes, files etc.. are stored on the device and move with you.

Another issue that I have been asked about is the read/writes to usb, which over time can cause drive to fail. There are of course way to limit this, you just have to weigh up how much you are going to use usb device and how important is the data to store on it.

Really these things are up to the user, we all have very different setups and needs.

Can I give support for these things yes and no, generally I give user a pointer then it is up to them to find the answer or figure things out. Giving guided tutorials, not really unless you wish to pay for my time at $100 a hour 😉

Linux is about learning, the information you seek is out there. Just got to look…

BTW New iso uploaded….

Stay Safe