Minor upcoming changes

Had feedback on config_edit script, which is mentioned in Guide but I removed it from recent releases. Have re-written script, it now uses rofi. If you use Super + Shift + e it will run script and allow you to edit mirrors [Servers], Pacman config file, Openbox menu, Openbox key binds and Openbox autostart. You should not need to edit Openbox Menu for the most part unless you wish to change editor, browser or terminal. Pacman config should be fine out of the box, you may wish to change number of parallel downloads or edit repos.

In the near future i3 packages will return for possible Winter release, for now it will simply be an option and not a change too main window manager. If I get enough feedback or requests then I may create an i3 ArchBang version….

Right look out for new upload over weekend.

Stay safe 😉