Autumn release ;-)

Am uploading Autumn release finally. Updated packages, themes and i3 packages and configs. If you want to try out i3 live then simply edit .xinitrc and change exec openbox-session to exec i3. Log oout of openbox [openbox –exit] and check out a tiling window manager.

Been a very odd year for releases and ArchBang has gone through a few changes and fixes but remains mostly the same and fingers crossed installer still works. Donations have for the most part been zero! so hosting next year I will have to rethink if I can afford to keep running. Can afford to keep domain name but hosting does cost real money. That is something for the new year.

Still get some feedback from time to time and will try to respond to most if I can help.

Big shout of to Matt and Joe for keeping me sane over the past year, sorry I mean blind drunk… \m/

Stay safe everyone and enjoy new release.