Waiting for a new kernel

No iso update this week, going to wait for 5.13 to hits main repos. Looking to switch out dmenu for rofi, have found a nice looking config but need to theme it. Going to hold off i3 window manager in ArchBang until autumn release. Have not decided if I will keep tint2 over i3status, the former is easier to make it look good. On the other hand i3status although needs font icons to be of any real comparison. So I have got work to do.

Looking at ArchBang32 downloads [63], I think it is not worth updating or building it with so little interest. Compared to 64bit version running at over 700 downloads a week. That said I did buy a cheap Acer laptop on ebay that is 32bit so am going to try running ArchBang32 on it. With only 1Gb of ram I really think it going to struggle.

Real world news infection rates in the UK have gone through the roof, even though restrictions are going to be removed on Monday 19th of July. Personally have had both jabs so do feel a little more relaxed but I do know that masks will still need to be worn in shops, on transport etc.

Having a bit of a heatwave, so am going to make most of the weather…

Stay safe 😉