Was thinking the other day abut when I started to use linux. At that time I was using Gnome, had the icons on the desktop and pointed and clicked everything. Being n an old pc (think it was 266Mhz) it of course was slow. Had read a lot about Openbox and how fast and light it was so switched to using it. No more icons on the desktop, a right click menu and keyboard driven controls. Slowly over the years got faster and faster machine, more ram but still ran Openbox. Think about five or more years ago I finally switched to i3. No more menus or titlebars, window controls even a border around windows. Just keyboard controls and less and less using the mouse.

Many of the operations I perform daily I use in a terminal. Building ArchBang iso needs various sometimes complicated commands. Naturally I started using alias in .bashrc to speed things up. Helping scripts need a folder so I could again run them in a terminal so added this to my $PATH. Then you think do I need to open at terminal to run them (other than output), so bind them to a key combo, just hit a key job done!

My plan is to even lose panel, as other than a clock and which workspace I am on have no real need for it. Let me fix that now 😉

bar {
mode hide
hidden_state hide

Think only time I really use a mouse is mostly for surfing the web.