New kernel, new iso…

Well I have seen that kernel has updated again, so figured i would build a new iso. Make the most of the regular updates as I do need to start work on autumn release and bring archiso up to date. Will be other minor changes to make.

Am aware of nvme devices and the need to support them in abinstall. If you do need to install to nvme then just run gparted and create partitions and filesystems as normal then mount them too /mnt. Know on my system I added nvme via pcie, as mine does not see device in boot options I had to run a UEFI parition on a ssd drive to load from it. No big deal as it works and it very fast.

Do not know much about encryption of devices, never used it personally (as I know I would forget passwords!). Not really had any feedback from anyone using it via abinstall either.

An option might be too add gparted into abinstall to allow users to setup devices from a gui (easier for many)….

Other news I am looking at getting a wallet 😉 more on that soon.

As always stay safe…