An Arch Installer

After reading Archlinux news, they now ship with a python based installer (archinstall). I have not yet tried or tested the python based script but it may be of use to some ArchBang users.

Have included it in iso this week should anyone wanting to test it. Basically it is a guided arch install that makes getting a system up and running easier.

Personally I am not a big fan of installers. Arch unlike Ubuntu is something you build from the ground up, you are creating a unique custom system that includes all the things you really need and nothing you do not. You certainly learn more about Linux and your system the Arch way, know I did (just take a look at some of my first posts on Arch forums).

One of the main reasons I was helping out on arch forums at the time is someone helped me get started in Linux. So just wanted to support Archlinux and its forums (a far friendly place back then). Was always interested in live isos and how they work, used to visit and help out with Archie iso project. Came across ArchBang as an Arch based version of CrunchBang. Had all the elements, Openbox (my favourite Window Manager back then) and a menu driven installer. Installers to me are something rigid and have no real flexibility in there design. The only advantage to abinstall is that it give you a working arch install without the need of a network connection. A network installer would be far more up to date (update installer then install!!) but takes far longer given network connection (if you have one). Maintaining an installer is a lot of work, any changes in arch have to addressed (archiso for example). Abinstall has been the same for many years now as I do not have the time or energy to maintain it properly.

It is a shame the Arch Wiki is one of the finest on the web. All the information you need to get most if not all system up and running is there. Having a console only iso is a major problem for users who could simply look up information they need (yes I know arch media comes with lynx/elinks whatever). Still nice to have a browser window open to be able to read and find information (unless you are Luke Smith).

Arch linux is like a chess the rules are simple mastering takes time…

Stay safe 😉