Update… weekly iso uploaded.

Just a quick post, new iso mainly new kernel and updated packages.

Giving some thought to a graphical installer. It will be off world, meaning not included on iso but loaded during live session in a similar manner to Zen installer. Downside is its relies on a working network. Sorry if I am putting my thoughts on my blog but sometimes I need to get it out of my head (before I forget!).

A installer script would check for a network connection, as we root then open mirrors and start loading required packages then finally install and run installer. Sounds easy but was having problems with zen that I could not resolve, wget/curl would not download script for some reason and then my script broke.

Looking at this installer which is part of a few other distros namely Manjaro and EndeavourOS. Do need to do more research but a custom, gui installer with language support seems to be a very good idea.

For now you will have to put up with abinstall 😉

As always stay safe….