Am testing Archlinux32….

Have been asked a few times about updating i686 ArchBang version. Last time I did an iso it got little or no interest. Curiosity got the better of me and decided to see if I could install archlinux32 in a virtual machine. As I am used to using arch-install-scripts I proceeded to follow archlinux install guide from arch wiki. First thing I noticed was that pacman does not work out of the box. As package keys did not seem to working I changed /etc/pacman.conf to run SigLevel = Never. Now this is not a good ideas on an installed system for all sorts of reasons but I wanted to get base packages installed on target system.

After running pacstrap, genfstab and finally arch-chroot I was able to reboot into a installed version of archlinux32. 😉

After installing a few packages, mostly getting Xorg and i3 working ended up with this:


Proceeded to install archiso and then git clone my archbang source files, changed files to reflect i686 and started build…


Seems to be running ok, not tested installer yet!

Have uploaded a new x86_64 iso image..

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Stay safe…