New kernel new iso image…

Have just rebuilt iso image with 6.7.6. Uploading now as I type.

No major changes just updated packages. Had no feedback on DWM so guessing no one is really interested in it. Shame as it is an easy way to try out a tiling window manager without the pain of configuring it 😉

Been running DWM on my main desktop for a week now and was starting to get used to it and generally finding my around. I love the moving of windows with Super + Left Mouse Button, and resizing a window using Super + Right Mouse Button. Resizing using a keyboard always felt awkward to me and never really used it. Have of course used DWM in the past but returned to i3 for it ease and comfort, not too mention is has all the features I need built in.

Will ship with DWM for a few more weeks then will create a DWM only version under my test iso spin Project_vole.

Do not forget ArchBang is powered by coffee and donations to keep project running. Really want to keep ad free if I can as no likes them [including me].

Stay Safe….