New kernel new iso image

Am back now from my short break, to a new kernel update. Image is built and am uploading now. No other major changes other than I have dropped xf86-video-openchrome support. If anyone still needs package then please let me know. Did not notice I had it built on my system via AUR [a quick pacman -Qm showed it up] as I do not really use it decided to remove it.

Have had some feedback on shipping with DWM, think it would only be a stock build. Might be better to ship with Project_Vole and have base-devel installed so at least a user could make changes to it if needed. Anyway not ruled out including with ArchBang as dwm is very small. Will post on blog if I do ship with ArchBang and some tips on using it.

Right I need a nap after a long drive…

Stay safe.