No iso this weekend….

I am away for a few days so will not be updating iso image. Will of course update on my return 😉

Am trying to get my own desktop/workflow in order. Have used i3 window manager for many years and am just used to how it works. Some things I want to change are where certain applications run. For example I have VirtualBox on workspace 10, which is fine but it is a bit of a stretch with my old hands to get Super + 0. So have moved it too workspace 4, which of course can be done by my left hand with ease. Same goes for Telegram [now on workspace 2].

One thing I do want to change is how I open a terminal [currently Super + Enter]. Thought I would be clever and try to get it to run from Caps Lock key, which I need use. Kind of possible but does take some jumping through hoops. If an idea takes more than two minutes [a lifetime in computing terms] it is not worth the effort. So may go for Super + t or Super + a [now thinking Alacritty starts with ‘a’].

Do like DWM and would like to build an iso with a basic config but am not sure at the moment if anyone would be interested. Seems Wayland maybe the way to go in the near future again time will tell.

Have just renewed domain, thanks once again for all the donations and support ArchBang lives on.

Jgmenu anyone?

Stay safe….