Goodbye Rofi, hello Dmenu…

Just built and uploaded a new iso image, comes with latest packages and kernel. With removal of abserver decided that rofi really was not needed any more and have switched to dmenu. Same keybind Super+r give it a go 😉

Was looking at latest release from Bunsenlabs Boron. It is based on CrunchBang, Archbang was simply an archlinux version of it. Boron is more feature rich and better riced than Archbang. Did notice a longer list of keybinds in Conky, something I am thinking of doing so user has some more useful binds to play with.

Super + Space – Openbox menu
Super + d – Toggles desktop
Super + m – Toggles Maximize focused window
Super + F[1-4] Switches that desktop.
Super + Arrow Keys – Snap window in given direction [try it!]
Alt + F4 – Closes windows
Alt + Tab Cycles through open windows add Shift to go in reverse…

Would like some feedback on if I should switch l3afpad to Geany or maybe adding in Picom for more gui eye candy?

Stay safe …..