Small colour changes….

I was not totally happy with theme in current ArchBang iso. While I like the Nord colours it looked washed out against my background image. Also logout from Openbox menu looked terrible. So have darkened theme colour, changed active title to white and removed exitmenu from tint2.

For some reason Cbatticon shows up in black so is difficult to see on a dark background so by removing power button I can use same background as clock.

Am thinking I may draw a colour from background as I have often done using Gpick in the past.

What annoys me far more is iso image is pushing 1Gb is size, when I first started working on ArchBang it was more like 400Mbs. Really do not ship with much other than a browser, editor, file manager and a terminal.

On the plus side downloads are running at 800+ a week so someone likes using ArchBang, it is a real shame donations did not follow suit. Please visit my donations page, buy me a coffee.

Stay safe ….