Making life easier…

Do not know why I did not do this before but finally got around to adding Gparted to abinstall. While I live in terminal, setting up partitions and filesystems can be a nightmare for new and experienced users.

GParted will come up as an option, you can of course still do a manual set up but anything that makes life easier must help.

This option will be part of next iso image update, so please test and if you have any issues please contact me.

Thinking of reducing number of bootloader options. Grub is my own personal default for bios and uefi installs. My thinking is to just have grub as an option but allow user to configure there own if required. For example in a dual boot system, grub or another bootloader may already be present.

Abinstall while it still works its bloated, complicated and full of functions that are not really needed. I could have worked on cleaning it up but have decided to create a new command live installer. Menu driven is fine but sometimes its better just to go to next option rather than having to enter a number. Have always liked Alpine Linux installer as it is so fast and easy to use. Another thing I want to do is pare down install to required options. Choice is one thing but a large number of options is another.

Currently new installer is 180 lines of code compared to 1100 lines of abinstall.

Most certainly its work in progress at the moment

Someone get me a coffee ….

Stay safe 😉