Taking a break…..

Now building release version of ArchBang autumn, got to run some tests then will be uploading image very soon.

Minor changes exitmenu is now only on tint2 panel and conky no longer displays date. If you click on clock in panel a calendar will appear.

Tint2 is a little more fresh looking and have added a new icon set that should help with battery icon issue.

DT has made a video review of ArchBang autumn.

After reading the comments of video it was clear to see that many still wanted i3 as default window manager. Would say simply install it post install or whatever DE/WM you like. ArchBang is a comfortable chair to get you up and running arch in a simple network free way. As for other init systems, well yes I could use S6, Runit, OpenRc and have done so in the past. Artix would be a better ready made choice as I was at the time simply using there mirrors and packages.

Linux is about choice if ArchBang is not for you then there are many other very good Arch Spin Offs, such as EndeavourOS (Joe told me to say that!).

Am going to take a short break from iso stuff, am recovering from a short illness so a little run down at the moment. Will update image if any major changes or issues arise but need a couple of weeks to get back on my feet.

Please as always any feedback or something you want adding [No not Gnome/Kde!] then please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe ….