Copy and paste in Vim

This post of more for my reference than anyone else. Started using Vim only a couple of years ago as was getting fed up with the hype. Can be quite a learning curve for someone who has used Nano from day one on linux but some things just made sense other things were way over my head. One of those things was copying and pasting in vim. Could do it within a file Shift + v then select lines required then hit y, to paste somewhere else hit p or even to remove text by using c. However when working with other applications or vim instances things started to get ugly. Add to that my switch to Wayland, thought hang on a minute I need to figure this out.

I just think if someone if having difficulty with copying and pasting like me then this may be of some use.

Issue is under Wayland Gvim will not work without xorg-xwayland or you have to load Neovim to get some support for system clipboard.

However I found this online. Basically you add it too .vimrc and by using “+y you can copy lines to clipboard and if in vim paste using “+p there is also a “*p… Note this will be part of next iso release so fear not!

wl-cliboard has quite a few useful features so check out my last post for more details.

Gaps anyone?