Thoughts on Wayland version….

Downloads of ArchBang Sway are not that great so can only assume that Wayland version is not that popular. Did think at the time I was pushing my users a little too far by switching window manager again. Thinking I should build both versions i3 and sway, to try to keep everyone happy. Again I have had little or no feedback so cannot really tell if everything is ok or a complete disaster.

If you come across an application you need, use or want that does not work you can either find out if there are alternatives here or some apps may work if xorg-xwayland package is installed. The latter will mean focus is switched to Xorg again so you will not be running pure Wayland. I use xorg-xwayland on my laptop as Thonny does not work under Wayland yet.

Latest iso includes wl-clipboard for additional copy and paste action. Still working on getting clipboard working in Vim but then I never had it working correctly under X without installing Gvim or Neovim.

Just for fun try using Super + o while in a focused application 😉

Would be interested to know if I should build i3 version again or use another window manager?

Stay safe ….