Missing Workspaces, Locks and Reloading….

Was messing around with live image in VirtualBox in the week and noticed that I could not send applications to workspaces above 7. Checked i3 config and saw that workspace 8,9,10 and 10 were missing [a quick edit sorted that].

Having changed config you need to reload it, only it did not work. Back into config again and found that reload and restart are missing! [fixed that!]. So you can now make changes to i3 config and reload [Super+Shift+c] or restart using [Super+Shift+r].

With that done have added i3lock screen locker [Super+Shift+x] to next release. Of course live there is no password so hitting enter unlocks system, will be of course more useful installed.

Do not do much in the way of ricing these days but did read an amazing article on itsfoss about making i3 beautiful. It has a whole wealth of information in it. Some things I never even knew you could do in i3, tempted to add picom back in for Summer release.

Something that maybe useful that I found in article was a way of getting a full screen VirtualBox the following screenshot shows how its done.


Take a look at output of xrandr in a terminal and adjust command to suit.

So lots of things to try, read and enjoy 😉

Stay safe….