Avoiding Arch this week….

From time to time I like to try out other distros and this week I am running Void Linux on my laptop. Must say it is far better than when I last used it. Installation is very easy and repos hold everything and more than you will ever need. Soon had it loaded with Plasma, Wayland, Sway, i3, Xfce4 and even dwm.

Not going to get into the whole systemd debate I really am not interested, just run with what Archlinux provides.

Would I switch from Arch? yes and no… Have got so used to using Arch running another package manager feels weird and clunky.

Am uploading a new iso image with updated package and kernel. Not sure how you would do a poll on a blog like this but I am thinking about bringing back Openbox. I can see many users might not like running i3 and having to use a keyboard! rather than a mouse. If plasma was not a bloated would run with it or am thinking xfce4 (far more polished these days and gives a more desktop feel.

In other news hosting is up for renewal and with all your kind support I am able to keep the lights on for another year… thank you so much 😉

Stay safe as always.