Pacman is wonderful ;-)

Have been using Archlinux for a while now and have got so used to it, find it really hard to run anything else. Well I did install Ubuntu on my laptop for a day! Then switched back to Arch. Would never say Archlinux is perfect but it works for me and for the most part it works out of the box.

Package problems do happen and while packaging could be to blame, Arch linux only follows updates upstream. So do not be surprised if a package breaks or is not working as it should. Updates/Fixes come very quickly and you then once again up and running again.

Whining about or moaning or creating videos is not really helpful other than clickbait.

Have never ever said ArchBang is perfect or is the best spin off out there. Archlabs or even the mighty EndeavourOS are far more polished and professionally produced than I could ever achieve.

ArchBang is and will always be a hobby to me, like stamp collecting or train spotting. Pay for hosting and domain costs out of my own money. Never created ArchBang merely helped out with project to the point where I took over running it when everybody went off to follow different paths. Funnily enough around the time Arch switched to Systemd.

If I could run any other distro it would be Alpine linux. It is as close to Archlinux was back in the day. Systemd free, minimal, simple and at a push can run pacman 😉

Rewritten this post several times, did not want it to turn into a rant.

Archlinux is like any sports car, while it runs it is wonderful. If it breaks then it could cost you time and money but in the end you have to love it.

Stay safe …..