Getting Virtual in Boxes

Was messing around with Virt-manager this week then came across Gnome-Boxes. Thought it would only be an Ubuntu thing and more likely in AUR, but to my surprise it is in main Arch repos. As I had already set up virt-manager it was quite simply a case of installing gnome-boxes package and away you go. Out of the box it will allow you to set up a virtual machine from a list of some of the major linux distros. Once selected it will download iso image and start Virtual Machine. You can of course add you own iso image. A dual core laptop might struggle to run it but then Virtualbox would struggle too.

Why am I interested in Virtual Machines? Well I can test iso image without having to put iso images on usb drives then have to reboot and test. This also means I can test installs without accessing local drives. For anyone out there who just wants to try out ArchBang or any other Linux distro before running on real hardware.

Anyway new iso image is uploaded with latest kernel and updates, enjoy your weekend.

Stay safe 😉